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Visitor Drop In

We’d love to have you join us for a class or train with us for however long you are in "The Land".

We are fortunate to have guests from around the world drop in and train with us. We want you to make our gym your home away from home. (We do expect that you have Oly Lift experience before joining any of our classes. We are strict on this rule, so if you have any questions about this, please contact us before arriving for class.)

If you are here for a casual drop in, the cost is $20. If you buy a shirt when you are here, then we’ll only charge you an extra $5 for that T-shirt. (That’s $25 for both a T-shirt and a drop-in).  If you plan on training with us for an extended period of time, email us at

We ask all of our new friends to pre-register for classes (we do this because we limit the number of athletes per class.) Even if you plan on purchasing any apparel or a specific pass option you don't see available for online purchase, we still want you to reserve your spot by paying the drop-in rate online and completing the liability waiver prior to arrival.  We'd just credit your drop-in fee to any other option you choose.

Entering your credit card details and pre-purchasing your drop in fee is necessary prior to arrival. We see way too many guests reserve spots and never attend. We'd like to avoid this as it takes away the opportunity for other guests and our members to attend. We accept all major credit cards, ACH withdrawal, and even cash (email us if bringing cash). 

After paying the $20 drop-in (once you are here), there would be an extra $5 for the purchase of a T-shirt. 

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